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Behind The Whistle

     I am a licensed falconer with a passion for art. Every falconer has their own preference when it comes to whistles; however, I have always wanted something a little more special, and unique to our sport, something that captures the essence of a falconer. What better way to convey that message, than by using the likeness of our hunting companions?! I intend to share my vision and create whistles with the likeness of birds of prey used for falconry. I chose The Red Tailed Hawk as the inspiration for my first whistle because it is the most commonly used bird by apprentice falconers in the U.S.A. 

     The road has been long and I have had plenty of help along the way. I want to give back to the falconry community. There are many artisans who contribute to this sport by providing falconers with much needed equipment. I would like to be a link in this chain. Whistles are an important tool for falconers. We use them to bring our birds home...

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